Single cover for I Heard A Rumour by Sebastian

Birmingham based Funk artist Sebastian released his latest groove on 28th May. Leaving the lyrics up for interpretation Sebastian simply says that “I Heard A Rumour”  is a song inspired by a past experience.

The track opens with the most danceable syncopated beat, oozing the 80s vibe that this unique artist emulates with precision. The sultry vocals begin telling the tale of a cheating partner who has been caught out, as rumour has it.

The music running throughout possesses a rhythm that makes you want to move in time, each note has a purpose, and that purpose is to make you want to dance.

There’s absolutely no denying the comparison to early Prince, but this Midlands artist is a dedicated individual who is determined to put his stamp on an almost forgotten genre. It’s that exact dedication that pays off, as this 4 minute track, created in his own “Funk Lab”, bounces with substance all the way through. The multi-talented musician plays guitar, bass and keyboard, aswell as writing and producing each track himself.

The instrumental section features impressive screeching guitar that trills beautifully over the shoulder twitching beat that keeps us popping along to the track.

Visually and musically, the nail has well and truly been hit on the head with regards to creating a sound reminiscent of the original funk era. Sebastians spin on it is a polished and professional offering of what can be achieved if you are passionate about what you do.

With a gig at The Sunflower Lounge in Birmingham set for September, this artist needs to be seen live for the full package to be delivered. Take a step back in time and move to the very intoxicating groove.

By: Kate Ford

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