Single Cover for Y!KES Long Gone Silver

Y!KES, anti-pop quartet based in Birmingham, releases, Long Gone Silver, an insane and scorching new single. Through its snarling vocals, untamed drums and armed guitar riffs, Long Gone Silver is a racket of a rock banger spewing angst and frustration derived from the global confinement lockdown.

Like electrically jump starting a car, the frantic and blasting drums is assured to make you jump on your bed and do anything to release the tension, which peaks in the bruising and splintering guitar solo.

Paired with a homemade style music video, it brings to mind Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit iconic video, from the head banging, dry ice, daunting lighting and punk attitudes. And quite honestly, the band itself looks like a Nirvana and Hole love child. The audio-visuals of this band are undeniably 90s grunge alternative rock, yet with a modern understanding of the shoddy current state of the world.

In a recent interview, Guitarist Liam Howard, said “Written in the heat of global frustration, Long Gone Silver smacks against the rage with massive guitars, bass hooks, punchy drums & sinister vocals to remind the world that music is alive, kicking & screaming”.

Vocalist Oli adds to Liam’s statement, “Excuse the pun, but I guess we are all somewhat in the same boat now. So what should we have done? Sat around twiddling our thumbs… or turn our shared frustration into something we can sing and dance to? I thought so. We wrote this as an almost sarcastic reminder that although tempting to rid one’s inhibitions daily through a chosen vice or activity. Sometimes it’s a good idea to check what day it is & ensure that you and your friends aren’t bleeding out.

Long Gone Silver’s unbridled anger reminds me of what you would listen to when you’re mad at your parents and slam the door in need of venting pent-up rage. Oli sneers raw and honest lyrics, “All we do is escape ourselves and call it fun” as you are shot with endorphins through mind blowing sonic fusion the band crafts.

By: Imogen Evans

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