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JAZZIE B (Soul II Soul)
Monday 8th October 2023 – St Georges Hall, Bewdley

Bewdley Festival recently made an exciting announcement for this year’s October event, revealing that Jazzie B will be a featured artist. On Monday, the 8th of October, St Georges Hall will come alive with the innovative sounds of this musician, activist, and entrepreneur from Soul II Soul, Jazzie B.

While Jazzie B’s association with Soul II Soul remains an integral part of his identity, both spiritually and substantively, it is important to recognize that his talents extend far beyond the collective. Over the years, he has embarked on a parallel career, allowing him to explore his own unique ideas and persona.

As Jazzie B, he has made a name for himself as a regular radio personality in London, tracing back to the days of Kiss FM’s pirate broadcasts. Currently, he can be heard on Solar Radio every Sunday from 2 to 4 pm. Additionally, Jazzie B lends his distinctive voice to various radio and television voice-over projects, adding to his diverse portfolio.

His accomplishments span a wide range of ventures. Notably, he had the opportunity to run Motown in the UK, showcasing his business acumen. He even ventured into the world of design by creating a sneaker for the renowned Lacoste Legends range. Moreover, he had the privilege of presenting the Diesel U Music Lifetime Achievement award to the legendary James Brown, a momentous occasion personally requested by Mr. Brown himself.Jazzie B’s influence on the UK music scene is unparalleled, solidifying his status as one of its most influential figures. During the Festival evening, attendees will have the pleasure of hearing him recount captivating episodes featured in his book, “Reflections of My Journey.” This memoir chronicles the extraordinary life and experiences that have shaped Jazzie B into the remarkable artist he is today.

Tickets can be purchased on-line from the Bewdley Festival website.

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