Single cover for MSRY by Second Cities

Second Cities are by no means a new name on the Midlands music scene. Several singles have been reviewed for SLAP magazine over the past few years, and each release sees the Birmingham based band rise. Describing themselves as a “band for the abandoned and music for the outcasts” , their music is said to be that “blend of sadness and anger colliding to find the melody buried in aggression”.

Next single, MSRY, is set for release on Friday 9th June. “It is a song dedicated to fans memories of their loved and lost. A song that delicately approaches grief from the viewpoint of a son losing their Dad as a mid-teen”.

The track, recorded at Steel City Studios, starts slowly, the band warming up before hitting a haunting melody that is soon joined by vocalist Jamie lyrically setting the scene, of how it’s hard to understand grief at such a young age, and how it hits harder with age. A melancholy tune runs behind as the beat deepens into the chorus and Jamie’s recognisable gravelly vocals really kick in as he implores to be saved from the misery. Stadium worthy guitars intercept each join from verse to chorus , classic rock vibes clashing magnificently with the emo ethic that the bands portraying.

MSRY by Second Cities

Every track this band release is hard-hitting, especially as you know from the passion squeezed into it, that it’s a song of personal experiences. Having lost both my parents, this song resonates with me, the grief that didn’t immediately hit, and having to deal with bouts of it later in life. Having such a delicate message wrapped up in such intense riffs, and hit out harder than ever, gives a soundtrack to let the grief out to. Jamie literally wears his heart on his sleeve. Ripped out for all to see what makes it beat, when he sings lyrics that audibly mean a lot to him, blending serene and energetic vocals he manages to really hit home the various levels of grieving. Josh on drums provides a catchy beat that punches through to keep the story on track. Josh, Damon and Tony destroy riff after riff on guitars and bass, all layering incredibly to produce a catchy, scream-alongable chorus. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, these are guys are professionals, they deserve every success and their future most definitely needs to be a bright one. They produce music with a pulse, music that feels, and I for one, am here for it.

By: Kate Ford

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