Single Cover for Second Cities Like A Moth

If you are feeling the need to scream out loud and let it all out about the situation we all find ourselves in, then you need the right sound track. Step up Second Citiesand their new single “Like A Moth”.

This Modern-Hardcore band are becoming renowned for their punchy rocking tracks, and the new single sure keeps the solid reputation flying high. Keeping existing members of the bands Cities-Zens fan family happy, the hope is to entice new followers with these impressive single releases.

Right from the start, you are drawn into this track like proverbial moth to a flame. “Like A Moth” smashes into the light bulb of your brain with energetic drums leading the way and a beautifully dirty guitar does a brilliant job of hooking you along further, before a heavy rock line takes you into the song itself. A song about being an underdog and standing up for yourself in the face of tyrants, surprisingly poetic lyrics are hidden within the raw pulsing beat of this deep track. It is a musical protest against the notion that “we are just worker bees to feed a hive”  a passionate and literal cry against those who abuse their power, and the political systems put in place that simply let people down.

Mixed and mastered by Sam Butterfield, the complexity of this single should not be ignored. The range of deep hard rock/metal vocals sitting side by side with the lighter lyrical vocal is a pleasing mix during the verses, and the chorus is hard hitting, with its powerful words, “I feel you like a knife in the back”, these guys have a message and they want you to hear it. The good thing is, the way the message is presented, you will WANT to hear it, too.

As we enter the last minute of the track, the music is left to simmer  gently for our musical pleasure for a moment, as chant rises to an ear piercing primal cry, encouraging us to fight for our right before we are led onward and upward feeling empowered by one more round of the chorus and abruptly out of the song. Two more tracks are due to be released this year, with the promise of higher quality to ensure the best experience for their listeners old and new, and with the devotion and dedication shown in previous tracks as well as “Like A Moth”,  I reckon we’re in for a treat. The band members have said “we have very high and optimistic hopes for the future and longevity of the band, as to us, this is more than just a passion project, but is intrinsically  our desired end goal”.   After listening to “Like A Moth”, it is clear that musically and lyrically, this a band that reaches right down into their music fuelled souls and pull out every emotion to be recorded in a piece of authentic and raucous audible art.

By: Kate Ford

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