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Mark Watson – Live Comedy Review at Huntingdon Hall, Worcester 6th March 2022

As we know, Bradley Wiggins won the Tour de France in a very convincing manner in 2012. When he was handed the microphone on the podium he made a joke about the audience getting their raffle tickets ready. The watching world must have been utterly bewildered, however, the Brits looking on knew exactly what Wiggins meant. How very English…

There is something very English about Mark Watson and his particular brand of unassuming and polite comedy. His ability to hold himself up for ridicule for all to appreciate and produce a knowing laugh is his stock in trade: “Yes, I am divorced now, as you can imagine I must be very relaxing to live with.” All offered up with no emphasis at all, just a nod of recognition. Watson does not provoke guffaws just appreciative chuckles of a loyal audience who know where he is coming from…

Mr. Watson’s monologues and meandering narratives are delivered with the sleight of hand of a card trickster and the deftness of pickpocket. Delivered frantically at times or presented at an almost idling stand still. His command of language and the techniques employed to wrong foot the believers is both charming and quietly impressive.

The observations that make up of tonight’s show are equally impressive. Yes, the last two years have given us all something to think about but Watson did something about it.  From articulating his children’s preoccupations with the news and vegetables…“Dad, Dad did you know that beetroot is not purple underground it’s brown, Dad, Dad, it’s brown.” For those that think about life it is a comedy and Watson knows this more than most. Although, the comedian also knows that those that feel life know it is a tragedy. The glaring asides about the break-up of his marriage were painful and charged with emotion. Yet, still he allowed us a humorous get out clause…

For Mark Watson, stand-up comedian and writer, knows that there is nothing funnier than people and life itself!

As we know all of English life is based on raffles. End of. The near-legendary raffle at Huntingdon Hall was enhanced still further by the participation of Watson as MC. “Next up we have a highly unattractive elephant lamp.” The audience’s participation and acceptance of such a perfunctory process and the accompanying chuckles still linger. Watson was happy to host this sub-McIntyre moment and is proof of Watson’s belief in his ability and the Huntingdon Hall.

How lucky we are to have the Huntingdon Hall on our doorstep. How very English to shuffle backwards and forwards in the pews, averting our gaze, whilst “thanking & sorrying” as we do so; all the time being apologetic for just being there, much like Watson. Mark Watson a tentative tour de force for sure but by no means the white elephant being ignored at the back of the stall.

By: The Swilgate Scuttler

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