Photo of Nigel Kennedy

Nigel Kennedy
The Regal Cinema in Evesham
Friday 3rd & Saturday 4th March

Nigel Kennedy is returning to the The Regal Cinema in Evesham in support of the 90th birthday celebration of the beautiful Art Deco building.

The Regal’s anniversary, 90 years serving the local community is something to celebrate, therefore it’s important to remember the companies and individuals who  contributed to the restoration and were integral to bringing the building back to life.

As a high profile building within Evesham, the current custodians feel very lucky to be celebrating it’s 90th birthday. Having survived COVID, The Regal sits in the heart of local communities and only succeeds with local peoples support. Over the years there have been many incredible events, so it’s exciting that local and world famous violinist Nigel Kennedy who tours the globe, has agreed to return in support of it’s 90th  year. Nigel loves the venue and believes that artists support is integral to keeping venues alive.

Photos of The Regal Cinema in Evesham
The Regal Cinema in Evesham

Laurence Wiper, who oversaw the restoration of the Grade II listed art deco building, said “we are delighted to welcome Nigel Kennedy back to the Regal in 2023”.  He added “Nigel Kennedy is a legend and we are honoured and delighted that after a long time away from playing in the UK, he has agreed to come back again and has chosen to come back here”.

Laurence added “Nigel has played the Regal twice before and we are constantly asked if we can persuade him to come back.  We still have his signed keyboard in pride of place in our rock archive.  We want to thank him for celebrating with us the Regal’s 90th birthday and for supporting our local independent venue with his characteristic passion and enthusiasm for inclusivity in the arts”.

Tickets available from The Regal Cinema in Evesham website

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