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Exclusive premiere of Chloe Mogg’s latest single Helping Hand

Chloe Mogg has proved herself to be an artistic and musical power-force to be reckoned with during the, what now seems endless, lockdown. Alongside her own live steams, she’s been included in various online festivals, and been a part of a collaborative single by local artists to spread the word that the music is still out there for us. She’s been a consistent online presence, all while setting up The 7 Arts Still Exist with fellow creative soul, Amy Crouch, which has pulled off 2 successful festivals of their own. I, for one, have enjoyed and appreciated all that this young trail blazer has achieved, you could say her music has been a “Helping Hand”, which is apt, as that’s the title of her new single, out on 5th June. Featuring Mirron Webb on bass, and Jack Bowles on drums.

This single is a mix of genres that refuses to be boxed up and labelled, just like the girl herself, it’s a free spirit, unique. Blending acid-jazz with trip hop, adding psych-grunge into the concoction, prepare yourself for a heady, sublime mix. Opening, hypnotic vocals declare you’ll fall as light as a feather, but assurance comes that you’ll be caught by the softness of Chloes voice. A shuffling drum beat skitters underneath the soothing vocals, descriptive lyrics entwining themselves around the multitude of sounds that come together to bring this track its own aura. The chorus is where the pysch element comes into play, and a plea for a helping hand is called for. As the second chorus begins, the grunge groove appears behind the mosaic of audible elements on display, bringing this together as a whole piece packed full of musicality.

The song was written well before Covid-19 began its journey into our everyday lives, yet now, when the world is hurting and vulnerable, the message it holds is needed now more than ever. Written about coming together and looking after our home and each other, its a poignant piece of music with a lesson to be held close for all time. Chloes vocal range is simply mesmerising, her progression from one track to the next is hard to pinpoint, as from her earlier songs,right up to this one, she has shown she has a musical pulse in her heart, and everything she puts out is a true reflection of herself. Each track and project she gets involved with is done with passion, flair and an undeniable talent. “Helping Hand” is a lullaby for your soul, a chance to open the windows, let your worries and fears float away, and let the music help you as it fills the room around you like a scented mist. Rise with the pure brilliance of the musical talent on offer here, the delicate brush of sounds against your ears. It’s hard not to fall in love with this local girl when you see how much she puts into what she does. Thank you for the music Chloe.

By: Kate Ford

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