Second Cities - Oceans

What do you when all your plans for your single release are interrupted by a global pandemic? You go ahead with its release and do a Quaratine Lockdown Music Video to go with it. Second Cities is a 5 piece band based in Birmingham who drift between Melodic Hard-core and Alt Rock as they experiment, quite successfully, with genres. The single “Oceans (Elemental Hero Bubbleman)” is taken from an upcoming EP titled “Out With The Old”. A song that was written while their drummer was experiencing relationship problems, this “heart on the sleeve” track hits a nerve head on and is perfect for screaming out all your angst and frustration to. A gentle guitar soon ramps up into a rip roaring, raucous intro which turns out to be a quite infectious chorus. The first verse is mellow in comparison, as the words unravel a painful heartache, before the heart strings unwind and let out a passionate cry of “Are you happy now?”, questioning if the complications are worth it. With about a minute left, we are treated to a breathlessly effortless guitar solo for a few seconds, which again takes us back into the purely exhilarating chorus. A song to combat stress to, as it’ll have you head banging and jumping around like a loon. Your pulse will race as fast as the chords.

The video is pure brilliance. Who knew that watching 5 guys going about their homes performing a song could be so strangely captivating? Well, watch it and you’ll see what I mean. From kitchen calamities to bathroom shenanigans, the video will serve as a poignant reminder of our time in lockdown. The last scene in particular is one that is sure to make you chuckle. It cracked me up. Good job in tough times lads. A lockdown inspiration.

By: Kate Ford

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