Seed to the Spark by The Dirty Smooth

The kind of banger you can just close your eyes and groove to, The Dirty Smooth’s latest single ‘Seed to the Spark’ grooves with its anthemic rhythm and unbridled talent.

It rocks hard. The vocals are incredibly striking and powerful. The duality between the raspy Rockstar and smoothly delicate (yet fiercely intense and strong) vocals create a sonic fusion that is impossible not to groove to. With the vocals, the exquisite guitar riffs and pounding drums combine all the ingredients to make a banger of a tune.

2015 was a huge year for The Dirty Smooth, with their debut EP ‘Rise’, The Dirty Smooth gained a reputation for their groove rock sound. Selling out festivals all-round the southwest circuit, the ‘Rise’ was the start of sold out shows and radio interviews.

Seed to the Spark gives us a taste of what’s to come to The Dirty Smooth’s forthcoming album, ‘’Running from the Radar”. More polished and refined, The Dirty Smooth have elevated themselves for their debut album. Yet they keep to their roots, and are always inevitably groove rock. I can definitely hear this song being played at a festival.

As thrilling and anthemic, Seed to the Spark deserves to be played in a festival and rocked out to, post-pandemic. Overall, I am looking forward to hear what’s to come from The Dirty Smooth.

By: Imogen Evans

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