Single cover for Simply Magic & So Fly - Martin Melody

I know what you’re thinking, we’re all thinking it – how do I cope with this ridiculous level of heat? Do I hide in a fridge to avoid the heat? Do I resign from my job but not actually leave so I can have the benefits of air conditioning but none of the responsibility, plonk myself directly in front of it but insist that I’m not accountable for the fact that everyone else in the office is hot while I’m nice and cool? Do I sit back, enjoying the cool, while of my coworkers insist to everyone else in the building that if they can sit in my spot next, when I eventually move, they will share more of the cool air, despite them having hogged all of the custard creams and sneakily stealing everyone’s lunch from the staff fridge for the past 12 years?

No, if you did that you would be a git of course, far better to cool down by sitting in the garden, in a shady spot with a mojito or two and these tracks playing loud on the stereo. Why? Well first of all these are very summery tunes, chilled reggae that we normally associate with going on holiday in Benidorm and drinking too much, but also lots of very uplifting and positive lyrics.

This is a dual A side single release from Martin Melody on Barleyfield Records with two excellent tracks recorded on location in Jamaica and mixed in the UK by Kingsley Salmon.

Simply Magic has some strong RnB vibes going on, at least lyrically, but a strong dub bassline that carries the laid back groove of the Caribbean where it originates. It’s very much a lovers tune for a close up dance on the beach, coconuts banging together and all that. It’s a tune where you can easily pick up the chorus and sing along, and you won’t care if people give you an odd look on the bus to work.. 

So Fly is a different kettle of fish in many ways, a more traditional reggae sound and the lyrics are more about being positive and making you feel good about yourself. Again you can easily be singing along with this within a few moments. 

Certainly the production of these tracks is very clean, both tracks are bright and clear with warm bass and airy synths. The guitars aren’t too wet so there’s a good clean groove cutting through the melody of the keys, it’s very professionally done. Martin Melody’s vocals are excellent as well, not a single bum note and holding those falsettos with aplomb, reminiscent of Horace Andy and just as soulful.

Add these to your summer Spotify playlist and enjoy the heat if you can, it will be raining again soon enough. Of course you could pop and have a listen to both tracks being reviewed by Luke and myself, along with other great up and coming artists on this month’s Flam and Flange podcast.

By: Stu McGooFlam and Flange

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