Single cover for Blue Eyes by Seerr

Released on Bandcamp on 22nd of May 2023 Blue Eyes is the new single from Birmingham based Seerr. Seerr is the production moniker for Andrew Walton who is modelling his sound on bands like Interpol and New Order, according to his press release, and you can definitely feel that post-punk influence in this track. I would go further and say he’s stretching into Stone Roses territory with this too.

Blue Eyes by Seerr

The track is very chilled out in its composition, it has a nice tempo to the kick but the bassline takes you straight away into relaxed psychedelic grooves so there’s no real sense of urgency to the music – which is a good thing – and those bright guitars keep a light and floating feel to it. When the hats and the vocal kick in you get a nice swing to the whole thing that makes you want to gently groove along with it.

The lyrics of this track are laden with a sense of mysticism and generally happiness. Surely, this will rub off on you when you listen to it. It’s hard to discern who the subject of the poem is; a lover? a mother? a blue eyed malamute? But certainly whoever it is has had a profound, spiritual effect on Seerr and that is only a good thing if he continues to produce tracks like this.

Production wise there’s little to fault with this. Mastered by Owen Claxton, the mix is good and balanced and the master really brings out that late 80s/early 90s psychedelic feel that was so popular among indie bands like the Stones Roses, Candy Flip, and Kula Shaker. It sounds professional and high end and it will certainly be interesting to hear a full EP or album coming from Seerr, so we very much hope one is in the offing.

By: Stu McGoo

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