Single cover for Domino Day by Mt Yonder

I recall one football commentator of the era declared the seeming invincible Liverpool team of the mid-70s to mid- 80s: “Just did the simple things well.” Mt. Yonder – an amalgam of four members of local bands – subscribe to this very maxim, relying heavily on the predictable 4-4-2 they have produced a mercurial sound of their own for their introductory single Domino Day.

The newly-formed band openly admit to simply wanting to create a straightforward driving riff, “angular” in style, whilst producing an end result of “noise-rock-esque”. Matchday tactics aside, mission accomplished…

The stabbing staccato of the guitar intro is an urgent clarion to call to arms!

I remember Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones stating and I paraphrase now, “…it is great fun just playing three chords but you soon get bored.” On the contrary, Mt. Yonder, clearly enjoyed recording their new single, as the studio footage in their video will testify and they certainly do not look bored. The urgency of their single, and they do own it, ensures the 2.5 minutes are not wasted; sinewy and taut their single is stripped to the muscular minimum. Consequently, Mt. Yonder prove they are no “long-ball merchants”…

Domino Day – Mt. Yonder

I have no idea what Domino Day’s message is? Nor do I know what Procol Harem’s “Whiter Shade of Pale” means or what a “Wonderwall” is but I still turn up the volume when played on the radio!

As you press play or click on the link you will know this track. The Liverpool team of the late 70s were at their most purposeful when a goal down. As a result of being at a musical “loose end,” Mt. Yonder’s collective sense of purpose has produced a worthy first single.

Let’s be honest, I have just spent 300 words, on the whole, looking backwards and all Mt. Yonder reallywant to do is move forwards…without a backwards pass!

By: The Swilgate Scuttler

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