Single cover for In My Place by Poppy WS

Poppy WS returns to the studio to record an adventurous new single, her first release since Live At The Docks (2020).

In My Place by Poppy WS

‘In My Place’ begins with an intriguing piano melody, a short but dreamy phrase that leads the listener into the wild and the unknown. Poppy’s vocal and the chords follow, reassuring us that this is all part of the exciting challenge of a journey. The track builds slowly and soon there’s a laid-back, down tempo and hypnotic drum groove underpinning the opening piano riff, propelling us forward. The multi-layered approach in the production on this track is spellbinding, a slow build to the final crescendo, adding subtle layers of instrumentation, ultimately weaving a vast tapestry of sound. During the final segment we’re treated to a guitar melody that sits in the mix just under the spacious, choral-sounding call to nature. Close your eyes and imagine soaring over mountain tops as free as a bird.

Poppy has emerged as one of Worcester’s finest singer-songwriters in recent years (and fortunately there’s plenty of talent in this city), with a burgeoning catalogue of songs including ‘Bella’, ‘I Will Go’, ‘On The Shore’ and ‘Risky Business’ to name but a few. I think it’s fair to add ‘In My Place’ to the list, it’s a brave, experimental direction of musical travel. Great work. An epic!

By: tallpaul

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