Single cover for Let It Out by The Chewgs

Worcester-based indie-folk duo, The Chewgs, released their debut single, “Let it Out,” a cathartic anthem that fuels an appetite for introspective honesty into emotional healing.

The thumping and shadowy bass riff drags us throughout an emotional journey and thrilling soundscape of Kev and Gez. Lifted by the sweet upbeat ukulele, it creates a striking auditory friction. The pungent lyrics visualize a claustrophobic scene of “a thousand faces” in a “crowd,” escalating the suffocating tension in the first verse. Liberated by the chanted chorus, “let it out,” erupts freedom to boiled tension. The chorus transcends us to The Chewgs’ world when Kev and Gez harmonize in the striking chorus which injects us with what this band are all about, lyric-wise and sound-wise. The dichotomy of the free-flowing head bopping acoustic environment is balanced with deep themes of self-acceptance and healing, making this track dynamic on its fearless outlook on life and a banger of a debut-single.

Let It Out by The Chewgs

Recently their second single, “Time Well Wasted,” implores a similar optimistic outlook on life, leaving you feeling lifted. Their second single reinforces this fresh acoustic sound, with an undeniably honest and warm undertone. The Chewgs are quickly gaining popularity and recognition in the Worcester/Hereford music scene. With getting featured on BBC Introducing, it’s clear that this duo has a lot to give and a lot to give it to. The production of the charismatic instrumentals clearly reflects its making in the Severn Valley Studios, embedding this duo’s connection to the Worcester area. The unique and addictive vocals reinforce their folk-centric sound, but similarly imprints them as something of their own with its unique experience.

By: Imogen Evans

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