Single cover for Lost Boys by Learn To Lie

Learn To Lie are 4 piece alt rock band, formed back in 2017. The Midlands based quartet blend complex rhythms and grooving riffs with clean, powerful vocals from singer Courtney, which in turn create a distinctive and genre blending sound. Their latest single “Lost Boys” is billed as their most complex and conceptual single to date.

Focused on the character Wendy from Peter Pan, the track is based on her point of view throughout the story. It is a “dreamy and visceral journey” through Neverland, as she feels that staying would be an adventure , but she knows she has to go home.

The 5 minute track opens with a gentle and whimsical guitar, before willowy vocals welcome you into something wondeful.

Even when the drums join the fairytale, the mellow beat continues to meander along, and as you watch the accompanying video, filmed in a wood, you are taken to the magical place evoked by the story. The bassist Matt adds depth and melodic layers to a solid track.

Then the chorus hits and the song takes off and soars high. The drums courtesy of Matt, get heavy and bass gets deeper and grittier.

Just after the 3 minute mark, vocals and bass join to lead into a gruelling guitar riff by Andy, which then takes us into a euphoric final run, highlighting exactly what Courtney is able to do with her voice. Even when belting out the cries , her voice remains angelic, and her range is seriously impressive.

As the track comes to a close, it floats down and settles as Wendy would after a high flying adventure.

This is literally a story told in musical form, and it works. The highs and lows follow the patter of a well loved tale. The more you listen, the more you are drawn into the spell binding essence of the track.

Learn To Lie pride themselves on “energetic and dynamic” live performances, and this song lends itself to a world of possibilities as a live track. A band to seek out on the live circuit for sure.

By: Kate Ford

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