Single cover for Return Home by Rock Dove

Fresh band on the Worcester scene, Rock Dove, have released their debut single.

“Return Home” draws inspiration from the emotions a shell-shocked soldier experiences upon returning from war. The track begins with a mellow guitar riff that sets a sombre tone. The equally sombre vocals, accompanied by the main drum beat, maintain this melancholic atmosphere throughout most of the track.

Return Home by Rock Dove

The song, which lasts for slightly over three minutes, is saturated with feelings of sorrow and pain. Towards the end of the song, there is a subtle shift in tone where the guitar changes from its initial melancholy sound to a more catchy riff. The band aims to incorporate such musical elements into their storytelling to make abstract concepts more accessible to their audience.

Despite the heavy and sensitive topic of trauma and its aftermath, the track remains relatively easy to listen to, in line with the band’s goal of making complex emotions more relatable.

By: Adam Spense

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