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If you’re looking for a breezy introduction The Hello Song from Split Second is worth taking tips from! It’s a friendly, fizzy pick up track, and a fitting first single from their debut album Love Life Cycle.

The Hello Song by Split Second

Hailing from Bromsgrove, the brilliantly named Split Second, oozes energy and radio playability.  Singer Hannah delivers sweet lines with a loose string bass sound from Darcy, and as a teen band, they have produced a well balanced and optimistic indie pop song with a confidence years ahead of their ages.  There is a tone and vocal dance to Hannah’s voice that may remind some of Eddi Reader, and like Fairground Attraction’s ‘Perfect’, I can easily imagine The Hello Song capable of hitting the charts in the same way, with the right support behind them.

This is a strong opening and I’m excited to hear more; I’ve checked out their live links on insta and they clearly can match their studio sound with a strong stage performance.

Having been a summer hit at the festivals, including our own locals Mello and Woofest, they are worth far more than a “split second”  listen, so check out their album and make an effort to catch them live.  There is an opportunity to see them perform at the Worcester Music Festival when they play The Tonic Bar on 17 September 2023 at 8pm.

By: Juliet Mootz

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