CD Cover of Starlight Campbell

There seem to be rules for a single these days. It needs to be straight in with the vocals, quick to the hook and under 3 minutes. Otherwise, the accepted wisdom is, they’ll be on to the next one before you’ve got going. So a traditional five and a half minute slow blues with a whole 12 bar (40 seconds) guitar intro with a video of singing heads in front of car headlights, seems to go against all the current expectation – and why the bloody hell not.

‘Lay It Out On Me’ by the Starlite Campbell Band is a traditional, down the line, well played slow 12-bar blues. It doesn’t challenge lyrically or structurally but it is moist, note-wringing, slow and sounds like the big song 80% of the way through the live set. Good production, simple video idea, well produced.

……….. ooh and it finishes with a drum solo.

By: Oliver Carpenter

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