Photo of Tewkesbury Record Fair

Tewkesbury Record Fair makes another appearance at the Wheatpieces Community Centre, Walton Cardiff, GL20 7SP, on Sunday April 30th 2023 – 10am-3pm. Perhaps more famous for the Mop Fair and  the Steam Fair, Tewkesbury’s own Record Fair is so much more than hot air and promises a rollercoaster ride of vinyl for crate diggers to experience.

For the record, our welcoming traders will be presenting a spectrum of musical diversity. With Soul from Detroit, Punk from Manchester, folk from Ireland, Hip-Hop from the 90s, Synch from the 80s and Rock from the 70s, every derivation, for your deliberation, your delectation and your discriminating selection…

“Fair or Foul,” regardless of the weather – no, we haven’t been lucky –  we will promise friendly traders, a warm venue, a free carpark, 100ft + of vinyl records, a seeming myriad cds, biographies by the score, a warm welcome and a  highly eclectic soundtrack for the day…seems fair for a quid?

Details of the Tewkesbury Record Fair can be found on the Facebook event page.

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