Cover of The Great Sausage Roll Swindle – Sister Sandwich

So who’s ready to order? Hailing from the barbed Wyre Forest come that neck of the woods’ premier food based covers’ band. I refer of course to Bun Direction, sorry Sister Sandwich who have returned to the table with the Great Sausage Roll Swindle, a six track EP of covers with the twist that they have altered the titles to incorporate food based references. So without further ado ‘Waiter bring me the finest cover versions known to humanity…’

For a hors d’ouvre there’s a spoken word opener set against an atmospheric backing. I think it is referencing Malcolm McLaren but it’s not particularly substantial so maybe go for Neat Neat Neat, sorry Meat Meat Meat (damned if I do, damned if I don’t…) which sounds not dissimilar to the original as does the next dish which is a helping of Breville Yell. I don’t know what a breville is and neither does my online dictionary so maybe leave that one on the dumb waiter and go for something I do know; maybe some Talking Breads, a slice of the Fabulous Strudls or something by Derek and the Domino Pizza but no, it’s Scone Jett and the Black Tarts’  I Love Sausage Rolls (put another batch in the oven baby). The playing is crisp and dry, the correct ingredients carefully measured out and with no risks taken with the presentation, a triumph for lean with all fat removed, the county’s food fighters can relax.

A helping of Fresh Baked Flan? Don’t mind if I do, especially if it’s a spoof of ZZ Top’s finest flour, sorry hour – hey, this food substituting thang is addictive! Again the playing is fine, Sister Sandwich are cooking with gas!

Last track is a dub/thrash version of Kylie’s Can’t Get You Outa My Head which ironically I wouldn’t have minded as Can’t Get You Outa My Bread since that would have introduced an element of the surreal to the proceedings. It rattles on for nine minutes and is easily the most substantial fare on offer – probably goes down a storm live. Tasty. 

What Sister Sandwich lack in nutritional value they no doubt more than make up for with E, A and B numbers on a sweaty Saturday night in one of Bewdley’s neon fleshpots, crammed to the gills with folks hungry for a chance to eat to the beat. Fast food, slow digestion – I predict a diet (ouch…)

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