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It isn’t unusual to feel we need a space to express ourselves, discover the intricacies of the world, and relax. ‘The Space,’ a venue in Spring Lane in Malvern, offers us just that. Run by registered charity Amaka Beautiful Child (commonly known as ABC), The Space is home to a recording studio, a 120-seater venue for dance, music and theatre performances, office space and an informal coffee and break-out area. 

As well as engaging with local artistic groups, ABC plans to run a programme of regular workshops, open mic nights, poetry performances and story-telling events for all ages. A key focus for this venture is to unite the generations, using story-telling as a tool for collaboration and allowing a cross-generational exchange of ideas, experience and artistic innovation.

  • The Space studio - Malvern

ABC have a varied catalogue of work in previous venues including workshops in schools and colleges, a High Security Training Unit, work in Adult Prisons and Young Offender’s Institutions and collaboration with the Archway Foundation (a source of support for vulnerable adults hurt by loneliness). ABC bring this expertise and passion to The Space in Malvern to create collective and personal transformations and foster a deep community spirit rooted in the arts.

ABC is an international charity registered in the United Kingdom (No.1115060). ABC is led by Ben Okafor (singer-songwriter, poet, actor) who is ABC’s Artistic Director, and Alison Webster (author and social justice adviser) who is the Chair of the Trustees.

The Space Recording Studio.

The Recording studio housed within The Space is run by producer/engineers Paul Jones and Matthew Devenish from Mu-Mu Audio.

It has recently seen an extensive acoustic and technical refurbishment. Centred around various recording spaces from the Big room and various isolation rooms, including a dedicated Amp Alley! Pride of place in the control room sees an Amek Mozart 40 channel analogue console recording to MOTU AVB interfaces to either Logic Pro X or Protools. Monitoring is handled by Focal Twins 6Be and Yamaha NS 10’s. Microphone duties are handled by Mu-Mu Audio’s extensive array of Valve and Fet microphones from, Neumann, Schoeps, DPA, Brauner, Sennheiser, Shure, Gefell, Soundfield.

Recent clients have included Trevor Babajack Steger, Roving Crows, Howard James Kenny, Mary Pitchford, Hump, Elliott Pritchard and Jonny Squid. We are very pleased to have also just finished producing and recording Martin Thorne and Company’s new album Feel The Fire which ABC have supported through their supporting artists scheme.

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