The Strays Freakshow Cover

What I want from a pop single is a short sharp, energetic whoomph of energy, and that’s exactly what you get from Freakshow by The Strays. Uncomplicated and enthusiastic it’s a fish finger sandwich or a nice slice of cake; tasty, satisfying, unpretentious and immediately puts a smile on your face.

That’s if you are old school and just listen to the track on its own.

But then if you watch the video it’s much more perplexing. Well put together, the video is dark and brooding with a twist and leaves you with questions. The video is in black and white, while the track is full of colour; the video seems brooding and complex while the track bounces with 80’s and 90’s pop joy vibes.

The combination has left this reviewer slightly baffled, which is probably The Stray’s aim …… and why not!

By: Oliver Carpenter

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