Koala Theatre

FREE. Saturday 1 August, 2-3 pm

Join Meadow Arts and Kay Mullett for a fun and fantastical, free workshop about ‘Stuff’ inspired by artist Laura White, who created a new piece of work, White Mud, for Meadow Arts 2018-19 exhibition at Museum of Royal Worcester and Worcester Cathedral, The Precious Clay. Laura’s work focuses on a negotiation with the world of the STUFF around us all.

Have fun searching your drawers, cupboards, shelves, garage, shed, kitchen, bedroom and collecting little bits of ‘stuff’ on your walks. Bring them to the workshop and Kay will help you create a fabulous small theatre from a shoebox or cereal box – you may make one scene or several scenes, tell a story or make a showcase for a few of your favourite collected items (make sure they can fit in the box you are using). In this workshop, you’ll learn new skills in modelling and paper folding.

More information: https://www.meadowarts.org/events/theatre-of-stuff and follow Meadow Arts at https://www.instagram.com/meadowarts

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