EP Cover for The Third Eye by Broodmother

The Third Eye by Broodmother – EP Review

Worcester based stoner rock band Broodmother released their EP , The Third Eye back at the beginning of November. This 4 track belter opens with the epic 6 and a half minute long Spiritual Shakedown, which , right from the […]

Photo of the band Broodmother

Broodmother interview by J.N. Whelan

As we emerge from the dark days of lockdown taking stock of our new surroundings has become important for all of us. This reassessment is no more prevalent anywhere than the live music scene with too many bands falling by […]


Broodmother interview

Formed in 2016, Kidderminster’s stonerific 5-piece Broodmother have been quick to make their mark on the local metal scene. With the release of their debut full-length Sin, Myth, Power, SLAP caught up with frontman Noel Fischer and guitarist Jon Edwards […]