Hipflask Virgins

Single cover for Dutch Courage by Hipflask Virgins

Dutch Courage by Hipflask Virgins – Single Review

The artwork for alt-rock duo Hipflask Virgins’ new single “Dutch Courage” is immediately striking—an illustration by artist Antidote (a.k.a. Christian Burton) of a half-crushed can of lager bearing the name of the band and song. Anyone who has been to […]

Cover of Hipflask Virgins Isolation Shitness EP

Hipflask Virgins – Isolation Shitbox – EP Review

Worcester rock duo Hipflask Virgins’ debut EP opens with a fuzzed-out guitar riff reminiscent of Nirvana’s “School”, which the Virgins have covered on the city’s live circuit for a while now. Hipflask Virgins have built a well-deserved reputation on the […]

Photo of Hipflask Virgins live at Paradiddles

Gig review: Hipflask Virgins & Ruben Seabright

Hipflask Virgins  & Ruben Seabright live at Paradiddles, Worcester – 18th July 2020 Its been almost four months since Worcester’s music venues were forced to close their doors in the midst of the pandemic and for any music lover, those […]