Hipflask Virgins

Photo of band Hipflask Virgins at The Firefly

Gig Review: Hipflask Virgins at The Firefly

Hipflask Virgins / Phon / SpankboxThe Firefly, Worcester – Friday 28th April When Shut It Down Shows announced the line up for their night at The Firefly, I ordered the tickets straight away. Spankbox, Phon and Hipflask Virgins make up […]

Photos of bands Hipflask Virgins, SAK & Greysha

Gig Review: Hipflask Virgins, SAK & Greysha

Hipflask Virgins, SAK & GreyshaParadiddles , Worcester  Friday 27th January 2023 A trio of bands hit the stage at Worcester venue Paradiddles at the end of January. First up was Greysha, a female artist from Shropshire who took to the […]

Photo of Hurricane Tapes in concert

Gig Review: Hurricane Tapes  & Hip Flask VIrgins

Hurricane Tapes  & Hip Flask VIrgins live at The Old Con Club, Malvern 29th July 2022 It’s been a while since I’ve seen the Hipflask Virgins on stage, Jay Kimber and Will Diment, now becoming mainstays of the Worcestershire music […]

Single cover for Icarus by Hipflask Virgins

Hipflask Virgins — Icarus — Single Review

Hipflask Virgins have become stalwarts of the Worcester scene over the last few years, and the announcement of their second EP Electric Dinosaur has given plenty for rock fans to look forward to. The latest single, “Icarus”, gives us another […]

Single cover for Dutch Courage by Hipflask Virgins

Dutch Courage by Hipflask Virgins – Single Review

The artwork for alt-rock duo Hipflask Virgins’ new single “Dutch Courage” is immediately striking—an illustration by artist Antidote (a.k.a. Christian Burton) of a half-crushed can of lager bearing the name of the band and song. Anyone who has been to […]

Cover of Hipflask Virgins Isolation Shitness EP

Hipflask Virgins – Isolation Shitbox – EP Review

Worcester rock duo Hipflask Virgins’ debut EP opens with a fuzzed-out guitar riff reminiscent of Nirvana’s “School”, which the Virgins have covered on the city’s live circuit for a while now. Hipflask Virgins have built a well-deserved reputation on the […]

Photo of Hipflask Virgins live at Paradiddles

Gig review: Hipflask Virgins & Ruben Seabright

Hipflask Virgins  & Ruben Seabright live at Paradiddles, Worcester – 18th July 2020 Its been almost four months since Worcester’s music venues were forced to close their doors in the midst of the pandemic and for any music lover, those […]