Photo of Atilla the Stockbroker in front of arguments yard sign

Attila the Stockbroker and Jess Silk at Malvern Cube Saturday 19th November  7.30 pm

Atilla the Stockbroker is a radical-force-of-nature who exploded into public consciousness in the early 1980s via two John Peel sessions and a Melody Maker front cover. Poet, musician, journalist and political activist, Attila The Stockbroker, has spent forty years touring the world performing his unique brand of spoken word, poetry and music. Having played almost four thousand gigs in twenty four countries, releasing countless books and records along the way, Attila’s Collected Works has just been published by Cherry Red Books, the book arm of the celebrated independent record label which released his early 80s albums and his 2015 autobiography ‘Arguments Yard.’

Photo of Jess Silk
Jess Silk: photo by Stephen J Bennett Photography

Support comes from an incredible Jess Silk, guitarist, singer and songwriter from the Black Country. Her shouty but melodic brand of folk/punk music often has her being likened to a female Frank Turner or Billy Bragg, and it gets people sitting up and listening. Armed only with an increasingly sticker-covered acoustic guitar and a distinctive, gravely voice that many don’t expect, Jess plays to audiences up and down the UK. You can get your tickets on-line.

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