Photo of The Nectary at Light Night Worcester 2024.

Thousands of individuals thronged the streets of the city this week, attending the fifth remarkable Light Night organized and executed by the local arts charity, Severn Arts.

Over three hours each evening, the complimentary line up featured massive light-based installations, vibrant interactive exhibits, captivating artistic creations, and roaming performers, all of which imbued the city with energy and delighted the assembled throngs. This year’s edition also boasted collaborations between artists and local community groups in Dines Green, Warndon, and Wylds Lane, along with expanded opportunities for public participation in the program through dance and creative arts.

Artists Lou Baker and Oly Bliss said: ‘We were thrilled by the incredible response to our Growing and Glowing installation. We’ve had over 3000 visitors of all ages in the days leading up to Light Night, enjoying taking part, with a wonderful sense of playful connection. We’re pleased that people have engaged with such curiosity and bold enthusiasm. Thank you to everyone who’s been involved and to the Severn Arts team for all their amazing support.’

Photo of Light Walkers. Light Night Worcester 2024.
Light Walkers. Light Night Worcester 2024. Photo Lauren Mcleopold and Max StevensNL4

Visitors talking to the event researchers have described this year’s Light Night as a colourful experience, amazing, innovative, fun, captivating, artistic and magical.

Photo of Kinetic Perspective at  Light Night Worcester
Kinetic Perspective by Juan Fuentes. Light Night Worcester 2024. Photo Lauren Mcleopold and Max StevensNL5

The food zone in Cornmarket was another popular feature of the event and city businesses such as Izzy’s Ices and Donuts, Dutty Vegan and Pack It In Zero Waste who stayed open late benefitted from the crowds.

Laura Worsfold, Severn Arts CEO said:

“As always, we have tried to include something for everyone at this year’s event and have spread it out to enable people to discover more of Worcester and support traders and businesses, as well as offering a range of beautiful installations, inspiring public art and interactive displays. We widened our engagement to include more community groups in developing some of the pieces this time, and we just hope everyone had fun over the two nights. Now we start the call for next year and we need everyone’s continued support to enable this now well-loved event in the Worcester calendar to carry on delighting and inspiring people.”

This year’s Light Night has been filmed and photographed by University of Worcester students Lauren, Max, William and Kayleigh. Both video and photographs will be used over the coming days to encourage those who visited to complete an online survey. And over the coming months to support funding bids and sponsorship conversations for future Light Nights.

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