Album cover for In the Emptiness by Tony Gillam

Tony Gillam, a talented singer-songwriter, acoustic guitarist, and dulcimer player, presents his latest masterpiece, “In the Emptiness”. Following the success of his 2018 solo album, “Lazy Oceanography,” Tony returns with another collection of highly original songs and atmospheric instrumentals that captivate listeners with their unique charm.

The album showcases Tony’s exceptional skills with the mountain dulcimer, which takes on a prominent role in several tracks. Songs like “Overwintering” and “May Be, May Be Not” let the dulcimer shine as the lead instrument, creating a mesmerizing blend of folk and indie sensibilities. In tracks such as “Twelve o’clock High” and “Instant Poet,” the dulcimer, occasionally enhanced with effects, adds texture and variety while harmonizing beautifully with Tony’s guitar and vocals.

Throughout his career, Tony has performed in diverse venues, from pubs to theatres, and his music has been recognized on various radio stations, including BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester, BBC Radio Shropshire, and Black Country Radio. His style can best be described as ‘indie-folk,’ which combines the contemporary folk vibes of classic singer-songwriters from the ’70s with an indie twist, resulting in a uniquely enchanting sound.

In the Emptiness by Tony Gillam

“In the Emptiness” continues Tony’s tradition of delivering delicate melodies, compelling rhythms, and thought-provoking, surreal lyrics that challenge the boundaries of conventional songwriting. The album boasts ten beautifully crafted tracks, each with its own story and mood, showcasing Tony’s versatility as a musician and songwriter. From the dreamy “Can You Eat Pineapple Sage?” to the introspective “The Dead Translator,” Tony takes listeners on an imaginative journey through his musical realm. The incorporation of elements like time-stretching effects in “TIDLIGERE” adds an evocative Scandi-noir and medieval vibe to the album, diversifying the listening experience.

Among the highlights is “And Then the Rains Came,” a track Tony originally wrote in 1983. In this poignant and nostalgic song, he eloquently captures the essence of growth and change over time, both for the song itself and for the artist. “In the Emptiness” concludes with the touching and heartfelt “May Be, May Be Not (For Sue).” Dedicated to his beloved late wife, Sue, this semi-improvised piece embodies Tony’s emotions, making it a fitting tribute to his enduring love and profound loss.Overall, “In the Emptiness” is a masterpiece of indie-folk music, proving once again that Tony Gillam’s talent knows no bounds. With its distinct blend of acoustic brilliance, atmospheric instrumentals, and poetic lyricism, this album is a must-listen for anyone seeking a captivating and unforgettable musical experience. It’s available on various platforms, including iTunes, Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon, and CD. For the latest news and updates, visit Tony Gillam’s Facebook page, and for more information on Tony’s music and writing, head to Tony Gillam’s website.

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