Worcester Paint Festival Murals

You may have noticed the captivating murals gracing the city for the past few years. These impressive artworks are the result of the Worcester Paint Festival, a celebration that brings together renowned street and graffiti artists from around the world, as well as local talents, to create stunning outdoor murals. Since 2020, these murals have completely transformed various parts of the city.

We are excited to announce another year of these breathtaking additions, and rest assured, with no plans to paint over the existing murals. Instead, the aim is to introduce fresh, incredible works by new artists with unique styles. Moreover, co-curating an exhibition named ‘Paint the Streets’ at the Worcester City Museum and Art Gallery. This exhibition will focus on Graffiti and Street Art and will coincide with the Worcester Paint Festival in September. It’s a fantastic opportunity for visitors to witness rare original pieces and appreciate the talent of high-profile artists from the scene spanning over 40 years.

However, like many others, they are facing challenges due to rising costs and tighter funding. Thus, we are reaching out to businesses and local individuals for additional financial sponsorship to ensure this year’s event takes place as planned.

If you believe you can help support them, they’d be more than grateful and, in return, can offer you publicity and shout-outs across several platforms, along with inclusion on ther visitor map. While monetary sponsorship is the primary need, WPF are open to discussing other ways you can assist, such as discounted accommodation or t-shirt printing. This is also a wonderful opportunity for you to contribute to a cherished city event that holds a special place in the hearts of many. If you are interested in supporting WPF, please email Kate Cox, on : worcesterpaintfestival@gmail.com or contact via the website

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