Poster for The Pink Diamond Revue

The Pink Diamond Revue, The Arboretum + Deathly Pale Party

St Swithun’s Church, Church Street, Worcester, WR1 2RH
4th Aug 2023, 18:30 – 22:00

Three established two piece bands coming to a perfect venue

A band no stranger to Worcester, The Pink Diamond Revue presents a captivating clash between humanity and the synthetic world. In their performances, the trademark conflict-come-love-affair between guitarist Tim Lane and the mannequin Acid Dol takes on a sinister tone, as he nudges her askew with his guitar or adjusts her shades between tracks.

Their music and visuals embody an ongoing war, pitting the golden age of American rock’n’roll against a dark and dystopian future. Defying the traditional label of a mere rock and roll band, The Pink Diamond Revue offers something far more potent: a spectacular fusion of militant, monolithic beats, serrated acid-surf guitars, fragments of mysterious narratives, and haunting sirens. With Lane’s striking resemblance to a Teddy Boy reimagined by a malevolent future AI, their performances feel like the ideal soundtrack for apocalyptic cinema.

While many indulge in the comforting embrace of Europop at home, a select few of us revel in the immersive battlefront of mankind and machinery, where music’s soul is at stake. And that, to us, is the ultimate kind of party.

The Pink Diamond Revue – At The Discotheque

The Arboretum is a trailblazing force in music, defining their genre with intense and original compositions. This Worcester act serve their live performances with a breathtaking fusion of stunning visuals and a rich, powerful amalgamation of Post-Rock, Post-Punk, and Psych-Rock sounds. Within their music, electronic sequences blend seamlessly with robust industrial rhythms, shimmering guitars, gritty bass lines, and expansive vocals. Through their art, The Arboretum delves into narratives that center on hope amid the uncertainty, darkness, and dystopia of our times.

Also ailing from Worcester, this two-piece comprise of brothers Keith and Chris Trim, who together have earned a formidable reputation over the years. Chris, the vocalist and guitarist, infuses their sound with raw emotion, while Keith’s mastery over bass, keyboards, and computer programming adds depth and complexity to their creations.

As raved by a recent SlapMag review: ‘The Arboretum’s music is a propulsive wave of Psych Rock, Trance, and Post Punk that engulfs the audience in an eerily lit stage, creating an utterly captivating experience. Beyond just a sonic delight, their highly imaginative back projection complements each track, treating both your eyes and ears to an unforgettable spectacle.’

Worcester based Deathly Pale Party, also adding a more cinematic atmosphere to their electronics, are back with their first single for 4 years, ‘Tibetan House-elf Choir’. They are releasing an EP this year titled ‘Corridor Based Tension’.

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