The Arboretum

CD Cover of The Arboretum, Beyond The Horizon

The Arboretum, Beyond This Horizon – single Review

“Beyond This Horizon” seems to offer a shaft of light in the murk.  These are the days of streaming individual songs rather than whole albums, with millions of songs available instantly and the impatience that goes with it: “It gets […]

COVER for The Arboretum - Emergence CD

The Arboretum – Emergence – Single Review

The Arboretum have taken lockdown seriously.  They’ve put the time to strong, creative use and have allowed new music to seep out at a steady rate.  This review covers their last two songs, “Emergence” released in August, and “Beyond This […]

The Arboretum - Parallaxis

The Arboretum – Parallaxis – Single Review

The Arboretum, or Arborectum as I somewhat childishly refer to it is an unprepossessing, canal hugging area of Worcester, near to the centre and noted for it’s neat rows of terraced red brick houses. I’ve no idea if this is […]

The Arboretum Bone Saw

The Arboretum – Bone-Saw

Single review – Bone-Saw by The ArboretumRelease 2nd May 2020 The accompanying missive expressed both an understanding of our collective zeitgeist and what the band were hoping to articulate. The toxic line in the email –“in these uncertain, dark and […]