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The Arboretum’s (Worcester based) once again release a piercingly relevant and paramount track. Titled ‘Liquid Planet’ this track undoubtingly political testimony surrounding the current issue of climate change. This stimulating electronica song echoes the words of Gen Z’s environmental pioneer, Greta Thunberg.

From the beginning, the electronica beat remains constant throughout, creating a sense of panic. Panic intensifies when Thunberg’s words are ingrained, then more layers are subtly added until you are transcended into to a sonic space of awakening. However, the sense of urgency is smoothed with chanting-like backing vocals, which juxtaposes the techno wizardry. The intensity builds and builds, never leaving you a chance to reconcile, as though you are gasping for a breath of air. The physical side effects of this track compliments the severity of the climate crisis embedded in the song’s meaning.

Recorded amid lockdown, along with the band’s previous tracks, The Arboretum have taken lockdown seriously. With each track having a high level of intensity, listening to too many could leave you into a rut of self and social awareness. Even so, every track is avant-garde in its own sense and breaks the barriers of genre. Similar to the likes of Pink Floyd, the combination of techno and electronic rocker infuse into the sonic space of mental awakening.

‘Liquid Planet’ can’t be listened to lightly. Every aspect of this track makes it an intense experience and inevitably will force you to question society.

By: Imogen Evans

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