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The Arboretum / Deathly Pale Party / ADY-J / DRKMT (Rosebud) DJ Set
Spin The Black Circle, Worcester – Saturday July 1st 2023 Doors 7:30pm – Admission £8 on the door

Worcester Electronic Music Collective WVFRMS is steadily expanding upon their previous accomplishments, as they gear up for their fourth electronic showcase of the year. This exciting event will be held at Spin The Black Circle Record Shop & Cafe, with a primary emphasis on DIY, underground, and experimental live electronic music. The collective’s mission revolves around nurturing local artists and performers while fostering a vibrant community for electronic music enthusiasts. Due to overwhelming attendance at previous events, it is advisable to arrive early to secure a spot, as capacity is limited.

The Arboretum generates an exhilarating fusion of psych-rock, post-punk, and trance-infused noise, propelling listeners on a captivating sonic journey. Complementing their rich cinematic post-rock sound, the band accompanies their performances with mesmerizing visuals. Their music delves into thought-provoking themes such as post-industrial decline, eastern mysticism, environmental and urban renewal, as well as a haunting dystopian future where shadows cast upon hope and love. With their intense, pioneering, and genre-defining compositions, The Arboretum represents a collaborative project led by the talented Trim brothers, Keith and Chris.

Deathly Pale Party, a duo hailing from the West Midlands, specialise in crafting cinematic neon horror electronics that bear resemblance to a lo-fi post-rock version of Massive Attack. Their unique soundscapes intertwine dark beats, guitar submerged in reverb, and ethereal vocals, resulting in a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack. Accompanying their performances are mesmerising projected visuals, featuring surreal imagery that alternates between serenity and sinister elements. With the inclusion of cavernous guitars, fairground organs, live percussion, and glitchy rhythms, their compositions possess both depth and strength, creating an immersive musical experience.

ADY-J discovered Rave music at the age of 11. Too young to experience the actual Raves but old enough to be fascinated by the music. The 90’s developed his taste in heavy rock and some hip hop while the clubbing scene got him into house, then later trance and a bit of garage. Other influences include the ambient music of Boards of Canada and some of Aphex Twin’s work. All these influences combined is what ADY J is about.

Ady J – Meal Deal (Ben Petrol remix)

One half of local electronic act Rosebud, DRKMT spins a few Kraut, Electronic and Motorik tunes to kick the night off.

Full details about the event can be found on-line.

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