Single cover for Throw Away Your Money by DMDB Project

DMDB Project? I’m a project manager, I’m between jobs, is this for me?


The DMDB project is for parties, jumping around, starting a revolution maybe, possibly for driving too fast, and, I’m guessing, unconventional style choices. This new tune from Dylan Boddy aka DMDB Project, harnesses a raw punk element under a gritty and yet bouncy melody creating what is certainly a catchy tune. He’s managing this project, not you.

Boddy has produced this track himself, playing most of the parts apart from the drums which are delivered in classic punk aggression and notable speed by Ashley Field. Boddy teases that future tracks will contain varying collaborations with differing artists. I’m assuming they’ll all be musical artists, but who knows? This kind of track gives you the distinct impression that anything goes with this chap. We’ll see if that pans out to be the case.

Throw Away Your Money by The DMDB Project

The press release says he’s from the Midlands, but doesn’t say where specifically so I assume he has a car or a bus pass. And, assuming that he does, we’d certainly like to see him playing some gigs round this way because with this kind of energy he’s bound to get the crowd jumping about.

We reviewed this on the last episode of Flam and Flange and we both liked it immensely. There were comparisons to The Libertines and The Strokes and, although I was two sheets to the wind, I could tell this was a good track because Luke’s reaction was genuinely surprised and excited.He does get easily excited, but this seemed to land very well with him. Punk and Indie is definitely his bag, and the passion these guys have comes across.

Special mention also to the “Jordan Humphrey’s” mastering service as the mixdown and production of this track is fantastic. It sounds raw and dirty, but somehow clean and crisp simultaneously. It’s (relatively) easy to make electronica sound nice and clean, but when you’re mastering a distorted bundle of drums and guitars bouncing with energy, then it’s a totally different challenge, so kudos to them too.

Add this to your list and when it comes out on the 22nd of June then throw away your money on buying it!

By: Stu McGoo

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