Single cover for Cascade by Mistrusted

From award nominations to radio plays, Midlands based three-piece band Mistrusted have seen plenty of success despite what 2020 had thrown at the music industry, and their latest single Cascade proves that 2021 will be another incredible year for the band.

Having formed in 2014, the Wolverhampton/Stourbridge band have been playing together long enough for performing to have become seamless for them. Using a mix of classic well loved grunge and classic rock elements with hints of bands such as Soundgarden and Nirvana, Mistrusted have managed to create a sound which stands out amongst a sea of other fantastic midlands based grunge/rock bands.

Describing themselves as ‘three happy go lucky souls, with a healthy contempt for authority and establishment who still believe in sonic sedition’ their ethos for life and music is evident while listening to Mistrusted’s newest release as well as the bands back catalogue. The band’s latest release ‘Cascade’ is a stand out track amongst the band’s releases. Using their lyrics and their platform as artists to invite the audience to take a closer look at the world around us and the deeper meaning behind the many things we take as read.

With thought provoking lyrics, a tempo which slowly builds you up and drops you into beautiful, organised chaos – a reflection on how many of us have been left feeling after such a tumultuous year and all the fuzzy guitars a grunge fan could ask for, Cascade is a wonderful look inside the minds of this midlands powerhouse.

By: Lottie Burgess

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