Single cover of Walk on Water by The String of Roses

A duo created out of lockdown, if we look at the positive sides of the pandemic (which there are little), a lot of music was created online. The String of Roses are one of those finds you discover during a dark time that you can instantly relate to. Composed of singer-songwriter and guitarist Charlie Davis and cellist Rebecca Rose, the two-piece create music without boundaries. Putting their own unique twists on covers from across the grid, The String of Roses may be at the beginning of their career, but the future looks bright.

Here with their debut single “Walk on Water”, the sentimental track requires a box of tissues close by. Effortlessly beautiful, the debut single’s story is a real tear-jerker. Megan Smith is a young 24 year old who is battling Stage 4 Rectal Cancer, desperately needs life-saving treatment. Hoping to raise funds for Megan’s crucial treatment, the emotional single will resonate with listeners across the globe sadly. Coated with a gentle production, “Walk on Water” was produced with Grammy Award Winning producer Trevor Gibson. A soothing single that showcases a duo destined for greatness within the world of music, all the proceedings from sales, streaming and beyond is going straight towards Megan’s treatment.

By: Chloe Mogg

To donate to the crowdfunder and help Megan get the treatment she needs, please visit the crowdfunder page.

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