Photo of Jerry Sadowitz

Jerry Sadowitz at Huntingdon Hall, Worcester – 28th of October 2022

Fittingly, on the day Elon Musk officially took propriety of twitter, promising to give a platform for “Freedom of Speech,” a proponent of the art of black comedy walked out on to the stage of the Hall to have his say…

Dressed as a caricature of a Lewis Carrol grotesque, the top hatted Jerry Sadowitz, launched into an expletive-addled onslaught of such magnitude you can understand how and why the Scottish firebrand has been “cancelled”, vilified, ignored and celebrated. Astonishing.

The 61 year-old Jew released his inner 11 year old and set forth on all manner – as he perceived them – of PC preoccupations. BBC broadcasters were dismissed. Scientists were dismissed. “Black bastards”, “white bastards”, “P*kis”, “Jews” and “Scots” were all treated to his world view, no matter how skewed. The whiff of ludicrous pantomime wafted around the Huntingdon Hall unabashed.

Noteworthy avoidance of the “N-word” was both conscious and an awareness that Sadowitz was in full control. The tirades were punctuated with risible discourse markers…”respectfully”…“Have I gone too far?”… before returning to his monologues of bile-filled insults and red-eyed-morning-after observations.

Tellingly, the pre-gig meet-up had a table of drinkers discussing Sadowitz’s use of the C-word without hiding behind euphemisms. Not one table around us or even the landlord flinched. Has language become diluted as we have become desensitized to the power of language?

Sadowitz is not afraid to rape the English language for his own ends; all delivered in a Glaswegian drawl that sounds like the North Wind howling up through a drain grate from the sewers.

It would appear Jerry Sadowitz is also capable of raping anything or anyone…in the name of humour. He is still toying with the legacy of a well-known broadcaster and DJ who abused his position before he died. At times, Sadowitz is a one trick pony.

Thankfully, although he threatened to, the Sadowitz did not produce his personal “aubergine emoji.”

At one point our Jerry described his show as “a magic show with a bit of patter.” Sardonic. The performance included Tommy Cooper style failures with props and the casual, faux mistakes of showing how certain tricks worked was a whimsical contrast to the rants of the previous sixty minutes. The card tricks were at times impressive; the sleight of hand and deceit raising genuine incredulity amongst the audience.

At the end of the night I found myself surrounded by a group of male strangers, with my penis in my hand. In silence we all stared into the urinals in front of us. Collectively, incredulous, thinking how did he get way with this act?

By: The Swilgate Scuttler

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