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“Pete Sounds” by Peter Richard Adams

Welcome to the first Flam and Flange review for SLAP. We record the review live as part of our podcast and then write it up here so everyone gets the best (or worst) of both worlds. We were really pleased to be offered the opportunity to review “Pete Sounds” the new solo album from Peter Richard Adams, mostly know for his work with Hey You Guys and many other local bands (but not the Rolling Stones). As with most of the releases over the past year this was completed during lock down, and includes collaborations with Emma Howitt and Phillip Walchester.

We decided to go through the album track by track to give each one a detailed look and get in to what we like about them before looking at the album as a whole and how it all fits together.

TRACK 1:  Welcome – This intro track is made from field recordings which is a great way to set the tone of the rest of the album.

TRACK 2: The Roaring Twenties – The intro track slides nicely into the second tune which simply blows you away. A high energy, punk-rock track- makes you want to ‘dance FASTER and SCREAM SCREAM SCREAM!’ It has strong vibes of early Talking Heads punk and later Brit Pop

Stu: ‘The whole album is really nicely balanced, and with this track he has kept the balance between the lo-fi elements of punk and a nice clear master, so you can hear each part. Vocals – Like Jarvis Cocker and Idles had a baby.’

Luke: ‘Doesn’t sound DIY, this is so well produced. You can bop to it! An intelligent way of writing a song, a nice little tune. If that came on on the dance floor I might even consider dancing!’

TRACK 3: The First Folio, featuring Emma Howett – A rocky, fun track- another upbeat toe tapper with many layers of melody and expansive qualities to the production. Seems to have influences of Folk, Indie Rock and Pop-punk

Stu: ‘A definite London-Indie vibe. Multiple layered elements to create the melody. Reminds me of Suede with the upbeat guitars, the vocals, I get that vibe from it.’

Luke: ‘Fair play! This took me back to 2007, 2006 era- well produced, upbeat music. On a night out or festival, you see a band like that and you want to get up and dance. SUEDE? Argh, explain yourself Stu… It is pop punk done at its best!’

TRACK 4: Worcestershire Woman (Hexhampshire Lass) – Strong folk influences play out in a track that is somewhere between an Irish Jig and a punk gig.

Luke: ‘Malvern Hills got a mention, love it!’

Stu: ‘Pete currently lives in London….’

Luke: ‘I’m not judging’

Stu: ‘….but the whole album is based on Worcestershire. There’s a hint of comedy, sense of humour throughout the whole thing and especially in this track, picking up on what Worcestershire life is like in an affectionate but satirical way.’

TRACK 5: Cat Battery – The rockabilly influence is strong with this one….

Luke: ‘Don’t put a battery in a cat. That’s just abuse… ‘

Stu: ‘Really good fun!’

TRACK 6: The 1980s – A strong acoustic tune with influences from The Clash. You can envisage the lone punk artist on stage in a large arena.

Stu: ‘Change in pace and tone with this one’

Luke: ‘Reverb on guitar and vocals, breaks the album up nicely. Different.’

Track 7 – Goodbye – Another little field recording which takes rounds everything off nicely!


Luke – ‘A fun album! Amazing, it feels like a proper band, not a home studio production. Can’t believe it’s just one guy! We’d definitely want to see him live.’

Stu – ‘The album flows very well form start to finish with very high production values. Above all Pete’s talent stands out with incredible work on every element from the drums through to the melodies.”

Stu’s favourite: Torn between “First Folio” and “Worcestershire Woman”.

Luke’s favourite: “The Roaring Twenties” – ‘love the Talking Heads feel to it’.


This album would pair nicely with Fillet Mignon and a bag of chips from Ambleside. Luke give this a score 5000 Hula Hoops. We highly recommend purchasing this one!.

Check out the review in full in the latest episode at or Flam and Flange on Spotify.

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