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Album cover for Afterlife by Pink Drone

Album Review: Afterlife by Pink Drone

So Pink Drone is back with a new album and, without giving too much away at this stage, it’s absolutely fantastic. For those who haven’t come across Pink Drone before now it is the electronic and post punk musical styling […]

Single cover for Smile by Learn To Lie

Smile by Learn To Lie – Single Review

“Smile” is a wicked new heavy grunge tune from the 3 piece, Staffordshire based Alt-rock outfit Learn To Lie. And it is wicked, genuinely. The first thing to catch you is Andy Burns’s bassline (played by Alex Dutton in the […]

Album cover for All/Gone by Errorist

All/Gone by Errorist – Album Review

Full disclosure – I don’t know much about Errorist apart from his music, his real name and that he hails from Kidderminster. But that’s fine, we’re not here to talk about him, just his new album which is released on […]

EP cover for Fractures by Dan Knight

Fractures by Dan Knight – EP Review

Dan Knight kicks us off with a nice piano sound which then gets joined by a classic sounding break and then a couple of “Phat” basslines layered over the top. Doesn’t sound very inspiring when you write it out like […]

Album cover for Jonny Melodic The Schizoid Man

The Schizoid Man by Jonny Melodic – Album Review

When anybody creates music they do so for meaning. Maybe they want to put meaning in to that which they create, or maybe they want to feel a meaning grow through their creation organically. Some people create music where the […]

Album cover for Arboria II

Arboria II – The Flam and Flange Review

Here at Flam and Flange towers we were immediately excited when we heard about the imminent release of the new Arboria album. When we started the podcast, just over two years ago, we knew very little about the Worcester scene […]

Album cover for Pete Sounds by Peter Richard Adams

Flam and Flange discuss “Pete Sounds”

“Pete Sounds” by Peter Richard Adams Welcome to the first Flam and Flange review for SLAP. We record the review live as part of our podcast and then write it up here so everyone gets the best (or worst) of […]