Single cover for Smile by Learn To Lie

“Smile” is a wicked new heavy grunge tune from the 3 piece, Staffordshire based Alt-rock outfit Learn To Lie. And it is wicked, genuinely. The first thing to catch you is Andy Burns’s bassline (played by Alex Dutton in the video) – grubby, filthy bass that makes you want to stick your hands in a cow pat and start throwing it at random passers by. They won’t like you, and you may get arrested, but you’ll love it! And why shouldn’t you throw some cow muck at someone when they have just said “Smile love, it might never happen!”. And that is the point to the lyrics of this song.

The vocals and lyrics are great, Courtney Hurcombe does a fantastic job of walking the line between a classic rock wail and an RNB balad. I doubt there are many notes on the scale that she can’t hit and hold till the cows come home. She sings this with passion so it seems she’s probably been inappropriately told to “smile” too many times as well.

It’s worth giving the video a look too, it’s very well shot and shows the band looking fantastic. Kudos to Lynsey Brown, Wil Sutton and Matt Jones for their work on that.

The tune moves along at a good pace, ideal for moshing or motorway driving and a must for any rocker’s play list. It certainly going to be interesting to see these guys live or hearing more of their work in the future. You should immediately follow them on facebook, not doing so would be a crime worse than poo-flinging and would certainly wipe the smile of my face.

You can check out the Flam and Flange review of the tune in our most recent episode too (though if you’re a rocker you might get put off by all the electronica in the show).

By: Stu McGoo (Flam and Flange)

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