Have you ever noticed how much things change over time? When I first saw Heinz-Sight perform, he was a bundle of nerves on stage at the Marrs Bar, a guy who lyrically ripped open his chest, took out his heart, and put it on show for us all to see. By the time he performed at Annies, I think less than a year later, he’d added a stage presence to his performance, with Mic grabs, arms raised to the ceiling, and dramatic drops to the floor to tell his ever so personal tale through rhyme and song.

Heinz-Sight, also known as Simon Lacks, singer/songwriter from Bromsgrove, is releasing his single Honeybee out into the world at 3pm on 5th June. Well known for his hard hitting lyrics on often taboo subjects such as mental health, this single is offering up a sweeter side to Simons life.

Working hard to finish an album, Honeybee was born from a simple hook, then worked up around freestyle verses and backing vocals. The result is a sugary sweet, feel good song about Simons fiancée, with an equally cute accompanying video. A gentle embracing guitar intro leads us tiptoeing through a poetic glance into a day in the life of this honest musician.

The chorus is an adorable ode to a woman that is always there for him, doing what she can to make his day be the best it can be.

Mellow music accompanying the tale is like a comfortable hug, wrapping you up and making you feel as if everything is going to be ok.

To get the full effect of this charming song, the video, which will be available for viewing from 3pm on release day on You Tube, is a must see.

After dreaming of the song being played out on stage, Simon recalled the dream to his own little Honey Bee , who took notes and made herself busy making a set, characters and working curtains to create almost a cut out puppet show, showing daily life in bubble of Simon and his Bee. Despite complications involved in filming the video, filming was seemless, and achieved in just 40 minutes with the help of Jesse Gillgrass. Simon quotes the process was as fluent as the song “simply because it’s about that special person”. Proof that romance isn’t dead, and songs are better when written about something you know about.

Towards the end of the song , Simon has included a cheeky little homage to Blink 182, one of his many influences, but the song is 100% authentic Heinz-Sight. With a tour set for earlier this year having to be cancelled before it was even announced due to Covid-19, Simon is on the verge of signing with Bentley Records in New York, a deal he hopes can be confirmed and finalised when the world returns to some form of reality. In the meantime, we can enjoy this delicate flowering tune, with heart warming lyrics and easy on the ear melodies.

By: Kate Ford

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