Video screen shoot of Second Cities Love-and War video

My admiration for bands that have continued to produce new music throughout a period of uncertainty and downright difficult times , continues to grow. Second Cities are back at it again with new single “Love and War”. Their previous lockdown release, “Oceans”, racked up over 20k streams cross platform within its first month, proving that this Midlands band can not only hit it right out of the park, but can smack it into the next City too.

A rhythmic salute welcomes us into the track, standing to attention with edgy rock guitars, before the rock/grunge vocals set in amidst a screeching and euphoric, hard hitting musical backdrop. The single narrates a love -hate relationship, the kind we have with not only ourselves but also with others. Love and war, or something inbetween? A subject that can be related to our appearance, academic achievements, or steps on a career ladder. Simply how we judge ourselves, and how we see others. The last minute of the single digs deep down into the pits of raw emotion, with cries of “Sacrilege” , thrown out for interpretation. A definitive metal track at it’s very core, “Love and War” reigns in fans of My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park and even Rage Against The Machine, by throwing in elements of Emo inspired lyrics, with a pace just short of full rock head banging, but with enough clout to influence your mind and get you reaching for the air guitar for a dramatic floor drop, to emulate the exhilarating riffs that are plentifully scattered throughout the track.

The sheer dedication and passion of this band once again proves that just because the world has stopped, the music doesn’t have to. Hats off to you, yet again guys. You deserve the fan base that is building up in your honour. Find the love and win your war.

By: Kate Ford

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