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Stourbridge based hip-hop artist Saint releases his debut EP ‘Lucid’. Unleashed into the world on January 30th, the EP is already making waves within the hip-hop world, and comes across as original and refreshing. Combining chill wave beats mixed with hip-hop rhythms, Saint teams up with his producer Psyro on the release. Creating inspirational, moving lyricism that will leave listeners rethinking their choices, ‘Lucid’ focuses on real issues within the world.

Looking at the first song’s title ‘Adrenaline’, before even listening to it, you want it to be energetic and live up to it’s name. It does exactly what it says on the tin. ‘Adrenaline’ tells the story of feeling somewhat invincible and comes across as an empowering single to start an exceptional release. ‘Back Then’ captures the nostalgic periods of your youth and reminisces on positive times. Now, the world is constantly looking back into the past for comfort and to the future for hope, and I feel that’s what Saint does in the second single on the EP. ‘Changes’ is armed with lyrics that are a friendly reminder to treat others as you wish to be treated. Your words can affect others, so be careful of what you say, ‘Changes’ feels like a thought process out loud and gives a nudge to just be kind.

‘Distant Dreams’ enters with how most tracks on ‘Lucid’ starts, with an inhuman vocal saying ‘Saint’ and a gentle instrument. Before fully entering with a powerful arrangement, ‘Distant Dreams’ talks about self-belief and being your own best friend. ‘Lucid’ features a strong theme of self-love and being true to yourself, making it an empowering listen for anyone that’s into hip-hop and rap. EP closer ‘No More’ is about trust, and especially trust your own judgements. Continuing with the EP’s theme of believing in yourself, this is a go-to release that will give you motivation to do the things you’ve been putting off for a while, or even that nudge to fully trust your own instincts. Recorded and produced by Saint, Psyro and their team, ‘Lucid’ was further mastered by Stuart Hawkes at Metropolis Studios.

By: Chloe Mogg

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