Cover of Mary by WEAK13

Week, god knows what in Lockdown… but at least there’s new music from British band WEAK13, right!? Mary is the latest single from the hard-rock meets metal outfit, and it’s a cover of French band BOPS track. Recorded back in 2020, the year that changed everything, it’s the first release of WEAK13’s in 3 years. With an album coming out later this year, ‘Mary’ gives a special insight into what the band have been up to for all this time, and showcases that they’re back, better than ever. Consisting of local legend Nick J Townsend on guitar and vocals, Wesley Smith on bass guitar and John Stewart, this impressive trio could fill a stadium with their hard-hitting sound. 

Somewhere in between sludge-rock and hard-rock, ‘Mary’ reminisces simpler times and especially music eras such as the 80s and 90s. Stating that rock and roll is never at it’s end, it just simply evolves, the band was originally founded back in 1999 by Nick in Kidderminster. Since WEAK13’s revamp in 2010, the outfit has an impressive discography for you to dive straight in, head first, if you haven’t already. Start with ‘Mary’, it’s fast-paced, something to head-bang away to in your room, if your feet don’t instantly start tapping to it’s rhythm, something’s wrong. WEAK13 should be on everyone’s list to check out when life’s back to normal at a live-show (remember those days?), and I, for one, will be down the front with a pint – see you there?

By: Chloe Mogg

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