Magnetic Music

What’s a good way to alleviate some of the lockdown boredom? How about checking out this compilation we’ve put together featuring tracks from 30 of our favourite local bands, all yours for just a fiver (or more if you’re feeling flush). If you’re old-school you can even burn this to a 120min CD-R, and print the front and back cover inlay artwork included with the download.

All proceeds to be split equally between all contributing acts, Magnetic Music will retain no payment from this project.

Full tracklist and social links in the comments.

Musically, this could be one of the best things you’ll hear to come out of this current crisis.

The Frog and Fiddle’s brilliant Gig Guru, Oliver Roylance – “Promoter” seems too feeble a word for what this guy contributes to the local music scene – has got together with no less than 30 acts, local to Cheltenham to produce this comprehensive sound picture of what’s going on in this thriving Cotswolds musical hub.

This compilation has no genre boundaries, and is bang up to date, with one exclusive track by Kingsley Salmon and remarkably, tracks by Rollin’ Sixes, Second Self and More Human Than Human which were only released on their new EPs on Friday 3rd April as part of their ‘Three Bands, Three EPs’ launch.

This whole thing, containing over two hours of music is yours for just a fiver – although please consider chipping a little bit more if you can – and all of the money raised will be split between the artists.

Here’s the link and the lineup – enjoy the music!

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