Single cover for Masks by Jonny Melodic

If you take Jonny Melodic’s latest single, entitled Masks due for release on the 19th of July, at face value you will be very much mistaken…

Although, like much of the art world, Melodic’s previous two albums had explored the unpredictable pandemic; JM’s about-face predictably has chosen his own topical path with this outing. Masks looks at the personas we adopt and the façade we present to others – to  gain acceptance? Protect ourselves? Avoid ridicule? Even the saccharine throwaway comedy of Friends included the line, when Chandler’s behaviour in front of work colleagues was questioned by Monica “…this is my work laugh, I have to fit in somehow!”

The track’s lyrics dwell on the highly personal for Mr. Melodic but I think we are all involved in this lyrical jigsaw. How many of us can appreciate the homily: “…underneath the facade a deeper truth.” I encounter a lawyer regularly, whose work intellect and vast vocabulary he discretely hides for reasons of convenience; just so he is accepted by his social peers. How many of us hide our true selves away? Melodic might be on to something, when he confesses: “…[I’m] just a riddle to puzzle you.”            

This musical conundrum is a polite homage to 80s musicality. The singing & harmonies are embraced by the Simple Minds guitar backdrop and the Blondie era drumming, with signature hi-hat. Reassuringly, the slightly upbeat tempo of the track is capable of dragging you on to the dance floor, even if you are in danger of losing face as a result.   

Masks by Jonny Melodic will be available on July the 19th on his Bandcamp page.

PS “Nobody realises that some people expend tremendous energy to appear normal.”  – Albert Camus

PPS “A little ridicule is to be expected.” Mark Radcliffe

By: The Swilgate Scuttler

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