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Single cover for Refusenik by Jonny Melodic

Refusenik by Jonny Melodic – Single Review

Richey Edwards of the Manic Street Preachers once asked in an interview, and I paraphrase now…“what is it about human nature that we have to reduce all life to routine?”  And it was this penetrating question that came to mind […]

Album cover for Jonny Melodic The Schizoid Man

The Schizoid Man by Jonny Melodic – Album Review

When anybody creates music they do so for meaning. Maybe they want to put meaning in to that which they create, or maybe they want to feel a meaning grow through their creation organically. Some people create music where the […]

Single cover for Masks by Jonny Melodic

Masks by Jonny Melodic – Single Review

If you take Jonny Melodic’s latest single, entitled Masks due for release on the 19th of July, at face value you will be very much mistaken… Although, like much of the art world, Melodic’s previous two albums had explored the […]

Photo of The Second Wave by Jonny Melodic - Album

The Second Wave by Jonny Melodic – Album Review

Returning from collecting the bins just now I waved routinely to a neighbour and he returned it with a pantomime worthy response. This imposed lockdown has affected so many… The Second Wave is Jonny Melodic’s creative response to a predicament, […]

CD cover for Jonny Melodic Hawks and Doves

Jonny Melodic – Hawks and Doves – Album Review

The choice of music at significant moments in our lives is vitally important. Consider the first dance at your wedding should you choose to proclaim to the world your feelings – is that the sound of Frank Wilson’s “Do I […]