Single cover for Refusenik by Jonny Melodic

Richey Edwards of the Manic Street Preachers once asked in an interview, and I paraphrase now…“what is it about human nature that we have to reduce all life to routine?”  And it was this penetrating question that came to mind after I had clicked on the link.

Jonny Melodic knows his own mind and always insists on a strong message. Refusenik his new single is to my mind – timely. Sheeple, the argument put forward by JM is that we are told what to wear and what to eat and what to think. Guess what?  Melodic is having none of it!

Jonny Melodic knows how to produce a penetrating intro; the electronic introduction is menacing in the fashion of a 80s Sci-fi. Consequentially, your mind is engaged, involuntarily you have no choice. Mr. Melodic is the Pied Piper of electronic signatures…

The black and white images in the accompanying video suggest that for some in life the answer is truly black and white and there is no need to think for yourself. The self-replicating images and reoccurring motifs – drones clocking on! – for me represent the mundane  routine of life. When the anthemic chorus exalts in the statement “I won’t do what they say,” the colourful animation provokes the viewer to think about the full spectrum of life that freedom allows.

As we know, education in all its forms, allows freedom.

Whilst still attending his school in Blackwood, along with other high-flying students, Edwards was invited to meet with the representatives from the local banks – Natwest, Barclays, Midlands, Lloyds – to discuss their potential futures with local employees. Thankfully, Edwards avoided this route and wrote a song about the experience. Mindful of this fact I think Edwards and Jonny Melodic are mutually guilty…of thinking outside of the box.

For me Refusenik is a banker.

By: The Swilgate Scuttler

Ps If you don’t know the meaning of the word and I didn’t, look up the definition and origin of the title Refusenik.

Pps “Libraries gave us power.”

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