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EP review – The Rising (EP 1) by Ralph De Luffa

Ralph De Luffa rises from the ashes with his debut EP ’The Rising’. Pronounced ‘Ralf-de-luther’, the singer songwriter from the West Midlands debuts his mixture of electronic pop with flavourings of dance music too. Growing up in the Black Country, the songwriter spent his childhood experiencing art in all kinds of forms. Finding himself singing, dancing or performing at any minute, Ralph went on to graduate from university with a theatre and dance degree in 2016.

My Love in Your Hands storms into the scene with a luscious chord progression that highlights an old-school dance aura. Before kicking into the full arrangement, you instantly know that the first track is kicking the EP off in the right way. That Wasn’t Nice may be the shortest track on the EP, but it’s still the most modernised track on the release. You can definitely picture this making it’s way into the top 10 of the mainstream charts. 

Rising From Within illuminates in a more EDM arrangement with a crucial sound of the dance world in there too. Clear My Head features thought provoking lyrics that break down barriers further into the music industry. Proving that this release is going to sky rocket him into the charts, The Rising showcases a range of influences that you can hear in Ralph’s inspiration. From Childish Gambino to Kanye West, The Rising will right up your street if you’re into electronic pop, soul, R&B and dance.

Back To That Night uses a prominent hook line that rolls off the tongue with great ease. Just want to say as well, what a strong production this whole release highlights. Hearing each instrument in their own light, the EP radiates with strength. 

By: Chloe Mogg

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Ralph De Luffa The Rissing ep1 - Album Cover
Ralph De Luffa – The Rising (EP 1)
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